About Me
I am a self-taught Digital Artist, I started drawing when I was very young (2nd or 3rd Grade ish?).

I also play FFXIV on Ultros server as 'Chicken Chan'
Usually found in Eulmore, AFK and dancing with aggressively friendly and motivational messages to the community.

My favorite colours to work with are blues, purples, and reds-- and I love painting the night sky! I want my art to be relaxing to look at with smooth details and various focal points whenever possible.

Plans for 2020
I am currently planning a slice-of-life webcomic series, as well as cute merchandise of my characters and fanart mechanise of various games this year!

The support from you guys will help so much in allowing me to be able to develop my ideas and inspiration while still being able to afford adult responsibilities.

Top 3 Things I'm Saving-Up For
1) University
2) Driver's License + Car
3) New Glasses ; v ;

Pricing & Info

Prices are in usd

COMMISSION STATUS: Closed - Waitlist available

Please note that my colouring style may not suit some bright, colourful characters. I work best with characters that have (mostly) neutral/soft/pastel colours! Please don't be afraid to email me and ask!

(Doodle style is an exception to this note!)

STYLE ONE: Standard
$35.00 to $65.00 per person

+ Fully Coloured Lineart
+ Neutral Coloured, Gradient/Flat Background
+ Individuals or Pairs Only
+ No Weapons
(except spears/daggers/staff)
+ No Large/Bulky Headwear
+ Watermarked with Artist’s Name

Price range from 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 Body


+ Flat Coloured Lineart
+ Transparent Background
+ Individuals Only
+ White Outline
+ Weapons OK (+$5.00)
+ No Large/Bulky Headgear
+ Watermarked with Artist’s Name

Always 4/4 Body

$45.00 or $80.00

+ Fully Coloured Lineart
+ Transparent Background
+ Individuals or Pairs Only
+ White Outline
+ No Weapons
+ No Large/Bulky Headwear
+ Watermarked with Artist’s Name

Always 4/4 Body

STYLE FOUR: Uncoloured Sketch
$15.00 or $25.00

+ Messy or Smooth Sketch
+ White Background
+ Individuals Only
+ No Weapons
(except spears/daggers/staff)
+ No Large/Bulky Headwear
+ Watermarked with Artist’s Name

1/2 to 3/4 Body Only
Price range is affected by details, requests, etc.

Twitch Commissions:
The above services can be used for Twitch Overlays/Banners/Offline Images. Please feel free email me if you have any questions or requests.

Twitch Emotes are not considered at this time.

I can draw:
+ Furries (chibi only)
+ Original Characters
+ Fanart of other games
+ NSFW in Style One or Four (as in drawing naked/lingerie, etc., no sex)
+ Some blood/violence (need practice though)

I can't draw:
+ Mecha (in high detail)
+ (Uncovered) male/female/etc. genitalia/sex (yet)

Twitch Emotes are not considered at this time.*

Terms & Conditions

Real important stuff, please read!

Commissions may take anywhere between 2 to 8+ weeks depending on queue and complexity.

I work full-time apart from doing art commissions, which can affect waiting time for art.

Please check my Twitter/IG regularly for personal updates if you are waiting for a commission (i.e. delays, asking for reminders, sickness, etc.)

I may stream while working on your commission; please let me know if you don't want me to stream it incase you are getting this as a surprise gift.

One or more form(s) of watermarking will always be clearly visible in all my art; no exceptions (usually near a face).

Art style is not 100% consistent; I do my best to keep it all the same though. ; v ;

Details on character (clothing, hair, face, etc.) may not be entirely accurate to the reference(s) you provide. Some parts may be simplified if there's too much detail.

Please send full payment (in USD) after confirmation and your approval of the first rough draft I send over.

Commissions are non-refundable unless I am cancelling it, and in that case deductions may be done depending on how much progress or work has been made.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Extra fees may be charged for requests such as heavily detailed clothing/armour.

If you need the commission rushed or prioritized (5 days or less), it will be +50% of quoted cost on top of what you are paying for.

Minor changes are permitted after confirmation but only if it's really important.

Please inform me of changes during the drafting process, as making any changes after confirmation takes up more time than people realize.

While working on your commission, after confirmation I usually send only 1 or 2 screenshots of the progress.

I will charge more if too many or too large of revisions are requested after I start colouring the project.

I, ChickenChan1043 (the artist), claim the rights to the produced drawing, not the buyer. I reserve full rights to the artwork and its usage/distribution unless otherwise agreed upon.

Therefore I am allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:
+ Social Media.
+ Personal websites.
+ Promote myself anywhere.

The buyer is allowed to:
+ Use the commissioned piece for personal use (profile pictures, forums, etc.)
+ Print the artwork and claim the character(s) as their own, but not the artwork itself.
+ Use the artwork on their Youtube or Twitch or any other streaming/recording platform as long as the artwork itself is not the main subject for any earnings.

The following is considered copyright infringement:

+ Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially - making profit in any way with my work.
+ Claiming the artwork as your own.
+ Removing my signature from the artwork.
+ Altering the artwork without permission.



Please include ALL of the following information in your email:
+ Commission Style
+ Paypal Information (name, email)
+ Image References (link to Imgur or Google Drive)
+ Names of any equipment (head, body, legs, etc.) if applicable
(if you can pick more than 1 outfit for me to choose from, that would be awesome)

References must be in high quality, I need to be able to clearly see clothing details in order to draw them otherwise I will improvise, simplify, or exclude parts of the reference.

If you are taking screenshots from a game please do NOT use unique posts such as crossed arms, sitting, etc., otherwise details are covered and it becomes harder for me to draw what you requested!

E X A M P L E :
Style One - Standard (Individual, 3/4 Body)
(greeting or something, extra details, etc., up to you really)
Paypal Info: Chicken Chan,
Gear: Archaeodemon Horns, Warg Jacket of Scouting, No. 2 Type B Leggings, No.2 Type B Boots

(Finished product/file will not include the large text watermark like above)